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ICP KOREA is the best solution of the frozen logistics in the world.

ICP KOREA is located at the Logistics Park of AHAM in INCHEON NAMHANG of the logistics hub of Northeast Asia. ICP KOREA is near at the INCHEON Port and International Passenger Terminal where a lot of ships enter and leave from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and Japan. It is located in the transportation hub in INCHEON that approximate driving time to 1 GYEONGIN Highway, 2 GYEONGIN Highway and new bridge under construction ( to INCHEON AIRPORT ) is 3 minutes and to West Coast Highway, YEONGDONG Expressway and SEOUL Round Expressway is 10 minutes.

For the first time in INCHEON, our warehouse has the automated in-out system to put in and take out quick and accurate, as well as cutting-edge computer by automatic control system to best manage the temperature of the frozen cargo is expected to maintain freshness. (Current warehouse construction is scheduled to open in 2008.12), and also to divide by rapid frozen room (-45 ), and frozen warehouse (-25 ), refrigerated warehouse (-4 ~ -0 ), low-temperature warehouse (0 ), a variety of cargo was stored.

In particular, to build an advanced logistics system, the customers get real-time information about the cargo through 24 hours. It is convenience as possible for customers who need an office to use the office for low-price.

*Differentiation of Process
ICP KOREA is a complex cold and frozen warehouse which is built in automated warehouse, hi-rack warehouse and manual warehouse, and it is constructed by rack-building method how cargo space is pre-load in a warehouse. Rack-building method is easy and accurate to plan storing and in-out cargo because it construct to pre-set the dead space (forklift aisle and working space), in addition it is excellent to maintain the cargo freshly by smooth circulation of cold air, and it retain the value of goods because it does not occur structural damage by crushed product. These complex (Automation + hi-rack + manual) warehouse in ICP KOREA had attempted the first time all over the world, in the future these case will be the best practice of these industry.

*Differentiation of Service
Due to equip enough yards (9000) and the docks (40 feet container 38 simultaneous Docking) for quickly processing the frozen cargo, it works on time and it will satisfy customers needs to desire maintaining freshness and quickly in-out. In particular, to use enterprise resource planning system and warehouse management system, customers can directly check out their cargo in real time by internet without visiting our warehouse.