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Facilities and Scale
- Complex Frozen Warehouse (Automated + Hi-Rack + Manual Warehouse)
- Wide Yards (9,000)
- Wide Working Field (40 feet container 38 simultaneous Docking)
- equipped Dock Leveller
- Providing an office with a customer(low cost)
- Enterprise Resource Management System
- Ground : 15,096  A Floor Square : 9,752  Simultaneous Storing Ability:16,000 ton
- Japan HITACHI Frozen Machine 11ea
- Stacker Crane 3ea
- 3 way Forklift 2ea
- Automated Forklift 5ea
- Automated and Hi-Rack Warehouse
Automated and Hi-Rack Warehouse
- Quickly put in and take out cargo
- Accurately put in and take out cargo
- Excellent Circulation of cold air
- Due to retain same temperature,
  to keep the freshness absolutely

  ( When cargo put in an take out,
    the door does not open)
Manual Warehouse(2 floor)
- Storing various goods by temperature
- Quickly put in and take out cargo
  for 2 floor